Friday, June 1, 2012

The end of May 2012 - What an Exciting Month!

If you've been following my blogs, you know it's been a busy month!! Filled with fun, exciting opportunities... the works! Much of it was totally unplanned and unexpected - which, of course, is the best kind!!

As we roll into June, we have a day-trip to Houston planned for this Saturday (details at - click on events). We are hearing from a lot of friends who are coming to town next week for vacation! We'll plan a dinner together or something so be sure to check in with us Sunday or Monday!! :)

I'm looking forward to a slow month. I can catch up with the family, get ahead on some rest, finally get to my housework and finish plans to Road Trip to Canton & back at the end of July-1st week in Aug! Follow the Canton plans at: - It's a ROAD TRIP and we may be coming through near you!!

Last night was the 4th Annual Ballin' with the Boys
A great event to help raise funds for some amazing causes!
Fans came out in huge numbers & here's some of what we saw!
(all the pics can be found on the 1st link in this blog: TxShelby on Fb)


There are some COOL! internet radio shows that you won't want to miss!
I tweet links to them about 30 min in advance on Monday, Tuesday & Friday! Be sure to watch for them!!

We will be planning a Fan-Family dinner/meet & greet for next week since several friends are coming to the Big D for vacation!! Be sure to watch for that!!

Saturday (June 2nd), Pat Payton & I will be in Houston for the day! Details in events at:
We'll be at a signing party then going to break bread w/ the Fan-Family in Houston!! We'd love to see you, too!!

Of course, if you have any questions about any of these things, drop me a line! DM me on twitter, PM me on FB or G+

I hope you're getting ready for 2012 NFL Season!
It's coming fast!!
Make plans to come to the Big D & hang w/ us!!
We're ALREADY planning the fun!!

Yeaaaaaaaah Buddy!!!

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Try these cool items!!

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