Monday, May 21, 2012

Yep! It's still MAY and the fun keeps goin'...

It's been a minute since my last blog so I thought I'd stop in, say HOWDY to y'all and share the fun!
The last time I blogged about this month, we had visited the Ronald McDonald House in Belton... Since then, we've been busy around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
We went to Dan Bailey's Golf Tourney... spent the day watching some great golfers & celebs come together for some amazing causes! Big Thanks to our friends at WW for the invite!
Dan Bailey getting ready to drive this long Par 5 on a beautiful course in Las Colinas

Pat let me drive the cart while he navigated...
He had me going backwards for a while but we finally got it together!
And Pat never knew a golf cart could burn rubber!
The following weekend (Mother's Day Weekend) There was an awesome autograph signing nearby. We hit it two of the 3 days:
#88 Signing @PatSportsArtist's newest artist rendition

Pat also got this piece signed... just one more signature to go!
You can see more like this at:

We also went to see Bill Bates the next day!
He's always a lot of fun!
By the way, did you know he's on twitter?
FOLLOW ALONG & tell him Shelby Sent You!! :)

Oh yeah... we went to see RG3, too.
I passed on the autograph opportunity...
I was there to play the role of photographer! LOL!
But we met a lot of fun fans while we were in line!

Of course, you can see all the pics an our facebook page at:

We're working on some fun for later this summer and you can follow along at: - We're plannin' a little road trip to Canton & back! This will be fun  & we are planning lots of time to meet fans in every city along the way! Check it out... check our route! We'd love to see you, too!!
Lookin' for the TD this Father's Day?
On a budget but want a WOW...
This page will show you how!
You'll say "Hey Shelby! Good lookin' out!" on this one!
4th Annual Ballin' with the Boys is May 31st. You can get tickets at:

You will be asked "How did you hear about us?" Please tell them SHELBY!

I have been involved with Ballin' with the Boys every year since it's start. I highly recommend spending the extra money to attend as a VIP! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on any of my social pages. Drop me a private message or DM on twitter if you like. You can see a lot of pics from my past experiences at this event on my public facebook page:

I hope to see you there!!!

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