Friday, May 11, 2012

That Will Leave A Mark!!

The last few years, we have seen our fair share of people who have left this world, but they certainly left their mark on so many of us. I can't help but wonder how many of them faced doubters or people who told them "This will never work!"

I'm thinking a large majority of them...
And they all proved the doubters wrong!

Today, I found out that Mr Carroll Shelby passed away. (story here) While many of you may not know who he is, I have been a fan for most of my life. My #1 goal has always been to own a 64.5 (or 64 1/2) Shelby... and I will... someday! I have always and will always have a love-affair with this car!

I remember the first time I saw a 64.5 with my own eyes. I spotted it across a large (large) room filled with cars. Of course, I made a bee-line for it. As I got closer to the rear of the vehicle, I could see that Mr Shelby had signed the glove-box. I burst into tears! Yes - I know - How silly, right? But it's true and I'm not afraid to admit it. Owning and pampering one of these babies is & forever will be tops on my list!

It was my life-time love for this car that gave my son and I something to bond over as he grew up... we shared a passion for cars. And I may have never had such a strong passion for them had I not fell head-over-heels for the 64.5 Shelby Cobra at a very very young age...  For that - I will forever be thankful. My son and I have spent a great deal of time over the years drooling over Antique Autos, American Muscle and Hot Rods of all kinds. Time that, to him - now almost 20yrs old, will always be special... I know this because he talks about those times often :)

But the thought of all the amazing, larger than life people we have lost in the recent years have made me think: I wonder what they did to put themselves in a position to leave a perminate mark on this world...

Did it all happen by accident?

Did they know from a young age that this is what they would accomplish?

Did they know the depths the efforts of their labor of love would effect so many of us...
even still today? And long after they are gone...?

Is this something that any of us can accomplish in our lifetime?
And - If So - What might our legacy be?

It's thoughts like this that make me look deep inside myself and, hopefully, bring a more complete awareness of self, a bigger definition of who I want to become and: how what I say/do might effect another life... This is constantly in my mind but brought into the forefront of my thoughts as we say good-bye to those who have accomplished much while starting out with very little.

What might my legacy be... OR YOURS?
I can tell you how I want to be remembered by those who knew me well...
But I guess one never really knows except those who are left behind, huh?
Does that make it less important?

I suppose it might make it less important to some but for me - that makes it the most important thing ever... even above my #1 goal of owning this particular vehicle...
AND I WILL!!! ... someday! :)

I guess these things I'll have to find on my own from within...
Until then, I'll pop the clutch as I shift into a higher gear and keep truckin' along!
Smile on my face, wind in my hair and all!

Rest In Peace, Mr Carroll Shelby.
I will ALWAYS be a fan!

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