Monday, May 7, 2012

An Exciting Start to May (& what to watch for this month!)

As you may know, we had an exciting April. I have been surprised to find it roll into May, too! We are just a week into the month but WOW at the Month already!! Three days of driving, one day of a kiddo's college graduation and one day on the road was something I'll never forget!

But before I get to that unforgettable day, let me throw this at ya:

4th Annual Ballin' with the Boys is May 31st. You can get tickets at:
You will be asked "How did you hear about us?" Please tell them SHELBY!

I have been involved with Ballin' with the Boys every year since it's start. I highly recommend spending the extra money to attend as a VIP! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on any of my social pages. Drop me a private message or DM on twitter if you like. You can see a lot of pics from my past experiences at this event on my public facebook page:

I hope to see you there!!!

Sunday, my friend Patrick Payton ( and I took a road trip to Belton to meet up w/ NFL Legends for the 25th Annual Bob Lilly/ Randy White Celebrity Golf Glassic pre-party. We went to the Scott & White Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. Bob Lilly and Randy White were raising funds and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House in Belton. What an amazing experience and I can't thank our friends: Larry Mallory, Byron Williams & Preston Taylor for extending the invitation.... and to their friends at the event who were so kind and helpful during our visit. I so hope that Pat and I can be involved next year.

Out of respect for the many (and I do mean MANY) NFL Legends attending and the families at the hospital or staying at the Ronald McDonald House, we don't have a bunch of photos to share like we normally would but here are my favorites from our Sunday afternoon.

Above: NFL Legends signing event footballs for the children we didn't get to see during our visit to Scott & White Children's Hospital.

Above: This pic is of the many NFL Legends who visited the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. I can't express how honored I was to invited to be a part of this special afternoon... and this special photo. We will have a better picture of this moment in a few days.

Above: At the Ronald McDonald House in Belton. What a beautiful, peaceful place for families to stay. Pat and I were so lucky to have had this opportunity to get more familiar with Ronald McDonald House and what they do for families.

Special Shout-Out to:
Visit them today!!

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