Saturday, April 28, 2012

As Draft Weekend 2012 begins to wind down...

We have had so much fun this weekend! I just wanted to give a quick update about the events so far. As of now, we have bowling tonight and a brunch tomorrow... so the weekend is starting to wind down.

You can see all the pics on our public facebook page at:
And watch the EVENTS on that page for fun things to come!

Wednesday, We had the 2012 Draft Preview Party & WOW - What an event! Our friends at did such a great job getting so many celebs, current & former athletes, sponsors & the entertainment was top notch!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Wednesday!
Artwork by and signed by HOF'r, Mel Renfro at the event!
Mel was as impressed with this piece as I was & that made my day!

Thursday was the Draft Party at Cowboys Stadium. We were lucky to have our friend, Preston Taylor (former Bills) join our group at the event! Thank you, Preston, for hangin' out w/ us all weekend!) That event was CRAZY FUN & I look forward to it every year.

One of my favorite pics from the Draft Party at Cowboys Stadium.
L to R: Preston Taylor, Billy, Pat, Shelby, Berit, T, Chris, Brandon, Nicole & Don.
We had a lot more friends with us but we couldn't catch everyone together at once lol!
Just sooo much going on!! :)

Friday, we had Legends Lunch presented by - What a great event! Planned as an intimate lunch with Legends to have fun, play games, eat & just enjoy.... Like all the events so far this weekend, I have a ton of faves but this one is my favorite: set this table up in my honor. So sweet of them to do! (thank you!!)
They wanted to celebrate my support for the former players & my nomination into the
These former players are very excited about my nomination, too & as a fan - that means A LOT!
(Preston Taylor, Byron Williams, Mike Kiselak, Walter High)

Then, Friday night, & friends & Sponsors gathered for a Poker & Casino Charity event! WHAT A PARTY!! With DJ, great food, more NFL Legends, live auctions, raffles & all kinds of games - there was something for everyone! I can hardly wait to do something like this again!

There are a lot of great photos from this event, too! For some reason, I really like this action shot a lot *giggles* Very coool!

Like I mentioned earlier, we still have two events left - bowling & brunch. You can find out more about that in my last blog & yes - EVERYONE IS INVITED!!

Once we get finished with this weekend, we're off for a day for R & R then back at it to start preparing for events this summer & planning events for this upcoming NFL Season! Make plans to join us!!

PS  - COWBOYS FANS - What's your take on the Cowboys Draft So far?? 

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