Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Season is Finally Here!

Wow! I have a lot to share and a lot going on! Let's start with the BEST news, what's going on this weekend then a review of last weekend!

So - the best news is: I was selected as one of four SNF on NBC Fans of the Week! There are two Cowboys Fans & two Giant's Fans. We get the opportunity to do some fun stuff surrounding the SNF Bus and more!

I've had friends and fellow fans ask how that happened. I didn't enter to win or anything like that... I just got this awesome email one afternoon that blew my socks off!! Here we are about a week or so later and I'm planning to enjoy all that it brings! I hope some of our friends gets the opportunity to enjoy this, too!

Thursday, there is an interview w/ their local affiliate followed by a tour of the stadium! Y'all know I've toured that stadium more than most but I'll never - EVER - pass up the chance to do it again... and again... and again!

Friday, the SNF on NBC bus will be at the Southlake Carroll High School game at Dragon Stadium -
I'll be there from 6 until about 830 so come by & check out the awesome bus!

Saturday, the Bus will be in Frisco for the Pop Warner game at the Warren Sports Complex (I doubt I make that game) - A few hours later, we're off to meet up w/ the bus at Billy Bob's where I'll be interviewed by an representative followed by a tour of the venue then we'll stay to see KANSAS in concert!

Yep - I'm already singing their hits! I didn't know they were still around! lol!

Sunday - off to the stadium to meet up w/ friends at the usual spot behind the CiCi's Pizza building ( but I will be leaving there in time to be at the SNF on NBC tailgate party before 4pm! As soon as I get the info on the SNF Bus location at the stadium, I'll be sure to pass it on! You'll want to stop by if you can!

Then we're off to enjoy the game! Be sure to follow along because we're going to be tweeting & posting like crazy!!! You can find my social links at:

BTW - Also happening Saturday afternoon is this - I'm going to try to make it by because it's always a lot of fun:::

I spent the long holiday weekend in Orlando, Florida w/ friends and fellow sports fans from all over the country! It was a lot of fun! Pics are posted at: - more coming next week once I get Fantasy Drafts and this first game behind us.

Have Fun, Fellow Passionate Fans!!
I look forward to catching up with all of you mid-week!
Pics, stories and new inside jokes makes the experience of game day even better!

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