Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I think this is way 2 funny (you may not agree)

I've been a sports fan for a lot of years...

Sadly, I'm not athleticly inclined; more of an accident waiting to happen kinda' girl. So, cheering my team on has been my speciality. It's harder to get seriously injured that way... except for that time I forgot my beverage had a straw. Boop! Right up the nose!

Yep! It's funny now and I'm lucky it didn't get me in the eye... but that's a story for another day.

What really cracks me up about sports fans is this: many fans feel as if there's a war between them and every other fan-base in the world. Correct me if I'm wrong but, doesn't the "war" happen on the field? And aren't fans spectators with an ability to generate noise or an atmosphere that doesn't work to the visiting team's advantage?

Yes - I understand all the Rivalry stuff and Yes - my team's rivals are always on my radar but to think that I can't show appreciation or respect for those fans is crazy! And to think that I have to take disrespect from them is even crazier...

Some members of my own fan-base give me a hard time about that but, as my husband would say, "I'm Grown!" I know that I've stepped way outside the box and those of you who know me will be quick to tell you - that's how I've always lived my life. I don't do anything because it's the popular thing, the "in" thing or trendy.

Sure, life would be much easier if I did... if I just gave into peer pressure to be a trash-talker or hater of all those teams that aren't "mine"... OR WOULD IT?

Why do I want to spend my time angry or making someone angry? That's not how I live my life outside of sports, why would I bring that into my sports-related world? It just doesn't make sense! I'm all about peace, harmony, understanding... maybe I shoulda' been born about 20 years earlier so I could be a hippy? *shrugs* But I wasn't so I'm not and it is what it is and it is ALL GOOD!

So, whether others understand it, appreciate it or respect it...
I'm going to do this my way and laugh at those who hate without knowing...
Because you know what they say (or maybe it was a song?)...
"To Know Me Is To Love Me!"
And to know my friends, as diverse as they are in relation to their favorite teams...
To Know Them is to Love Them!!

And I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Until next time,

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Enter next year & I'll return the favor! :)

PSS - This is just a small example of the MANY amazing people I would have never met had I was a different kind of fan.

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  1. Shelby! You are an AWESOME person/fan! You are the type of person EVERYONE needs in their life. You are always upbeat and full of smiles. Everytime I see you and I can hear it in your voice over the phone and see it in your texts and messages! Pease keep it up and NEVER change! I am honored to have the opportunity to have you as a friend! GO COWBOYS!!!