Friday, June 15, 2012

The Simplicity of it all & Why I think it's FUNNY!

Recently, I blogged about Social Pages and celebs. I was surprised at the number of people who sent messages in total agreement. I know not everyone agreed and that's fine. Voicing an opinion isn't about finding people to agree with or pick sides - it's simply about getting everyone to think about the topic... AND - if I'm lucky - spark a conversation or two!

Today, the thought on my mind is FACEBOOK; where they & other social pages are getting it WRONG!

I would be making a mistake if I didn't share the most recent headline where Facebook is the center of attention (again):

Read that headline again... Yeeah! I like the way this article explains this & encourage you to read it!

"The problem isn't the targeted ads," New York-based internet and consumer-rights lawyer Jason Stern said. "It's the lack of oversight on the part of Facebook to review the ads before they begin to run."

It's like tv stations or magazines printing ads without monitoring what they are using, right? *smh*

But the simplicity of Facebook and other Social pages isn't what cracks me up - that's one of the things I love! The fact that they, along with almost every other 'big brand name', is so far disconnected with the people... THAT'S WHAT'S FUNNY! For years, I've watched them alienate the very people they are wanting to reach... and for what? ---- the answer is: MoNeY!

Let's see if I have this right: Disconnection + Alienation = Money, name recognition?
What school taught this formula? I want the name so I avoid it at all costs!!

Let me put it this way so maybe the suits can understand it:
I am on Social pages to meet new people and discover new things.
I don't want to see the same commercials (ads) I see on tv...

And facebook changes it's settings for "fan pages" so users now have to click on "show in timeline" to follow posts of a page that is/was important enough for them to click the "like" button to begin with... and - if the small business doesn't click on the "promote" button when they post and PAY for it, once their post reaches "X" amount of "likes" or comments, it's dropped from the feed! YUP! EVEN IF IT'S POPULAR AMONG USERS!

WHY? Because big business can pay for promotions while a small business works its tail off for every "like" it gets. Big business already has the corner on radio and television because they have the dough to throw around - small businesses can't get a break - NOT EVEN ONLINE!

BUT - these are the types of things REAL EVERY DAY PEOPLE are online to discover:
Simply Something New...!

Oh well, to my friends who are small business owners fighting every day to be seen and heard - I see you - I hear you - and know this: I'm "unliking" and "unfollowing" all these big brands who don't understand or appreciate the simplicity of it all! I see their ads enough on tv, billboards and you can only escape them via the radio if you're lucky enough to have satellite radio... which, by the way, I LOVE!!!, but it's just another one of those yearly expenses that I'll gladly continue to pay so I have some AD FREE MOMENTS in my life!

That - my friends - is a wonderful, peaceful thing.

This is my opinion and I'M JUST SAYIN'...

Still waiting for a Big Brand to Impress Me!

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