Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fan-Fun - Wk 5: Broncos at Cowboys

Well, I won't go where you think I'm going with this blog...
Tough game coming up, Broncos are playing well so far this year.
Of course, I'm excited about the game. I'm also very excited to be welcoming my PFUFA Brother, Broncnator and his friends to Arlington! Broncnator and I were inducted into the Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association together in 2012 at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I was introduced to his friends at the PFUFA reunion over the summer. Insta-Fam! :)
His last visit was our last year at Texas Stadium.
Things have really changed since then!!
This is Broncnator.
If you see him tailgating or at the game, be sure to stop - say HI and offer up a FanShake! You'll be glad you did!! Don't know what the FanShake is? Go to: - they explain it far better than I could!!
Since I don't have ALL the info for the upcoming weekend yet, I will direct your attention to the EVENT for the weekend at:
RSVP to the event and keep the event notifications ON so you get an alert when it's updated Thursday morning!
Hope to see y'all this weekend
Bring it LOUD for the D
Down for the O!!

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