Friday, August 9, 2013

Canton Recap - Photos & Links

Hey Everyone! I hope this finds you well and excited about the game tonight! Yes, it's 'only preseason' but I've missed football in a BIG way... maybe its because I was on IR last season? Guess we'll see next year because I'm not missing a single thing this year! :)
If you saw my last blog, there were some things on our agenda that I didn't mention but here - I want to say THANK YOU to some very important people! We had so much fun and every event we attended was five star worthy!
So - To my guests, Don & Nicole - I'm so glad you guys could meet up with me there! It wouldn't have been the same without you; especially since Chuck couldn't make the trip this year.
Thank you to the PFUFA (, their +1s and guests! You guys are so much fun!
Special thanks to the Pro Football Hall of Fame - their committees and volunteers. Ribs Burn-off, J. Babe Stern Center, Akron Children's Hospital, Canton Stark Visitors Center, ESPN the Mag, the PFUFA Hotels for allowing us to pretty much take over the place and the truckers that kept me safe on the highways up and back.
LAST but not least - Mr. & Mrs. Mel Renfro ( - Thank you for surprising us with those tickets, meeting us outside in that crazy humidity and introducing Don and I around. We all just adore you both and you made our day! If we can ever return the favor, I'm a phone call away! <3
And Yes - I did this ROAD TRIP style and I'm so glad I did! Love the drive up to Ohio!
Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip. You can see all of them in albums at: - be sure to scroll down the wall, too! You're sure to find some cool videos and other things from the week in Canton that I'm just forgetting right now.

With Nicole at the HOF Game

After a salute to the Hogettes - Happy Retirement!!

Ben and Chris at the PFUFA Tailgate Party

PFUFA is about sportsmanship, fellowship among all fan bases and giving back to the community.

My brother from another on a different coast! Have fun this season, Bolt Pride!

Tailgate32 and Fluffy at the PFUFA Awards Breakfast in the banquet room at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The guys pay tribute to the Hogettes in a very special way.
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