Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's been a while!!


It's been a while since I've blogged. Long story very short, it's been a roller coaster 14 months or so but I think we are getting back on track. Now, we are gearing up for the Hall of Fame Festival, What A Fan's Fan Conference in Orlando, the upcoming NFL Season and, of course, Fantasy Football!!

I'll share links for the Festival and Conference in a minute. Before I do that, you may not know that I won the XFL Fantasy Football trophy! Going into this year the defending champion and you know I'm not going to let the guys forget that! It's XFL because it's an X-treme league. They are very dedicated and serious about their teams - and - I'm the only female - and the only female to win it all in this league's 15yrs! Mudduck and I have been playing with them the last 5 or 6 years and we've loved every minute of it! Well, sometimes not our teams so much but the league - yes! (Fantasy players know what I'm saying!)

So - are you going to the 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame Festival? If so, stop by our Facebook page & RSVP in EVENTS so we know to look for you! That's - and - for everything you'll need to know about the festival events, visit:  - You can also get tickets to events there! if you have questions, hit me up! I'm so excited about this year's trip to Canton, I've about got their website memorized!

And, don't forget to visit: for more events going on around town! If you happen to tweet them, tell them Shelby in Dallas said HI! Nice folks there! :)

Labor Day Weekend in Orlando, Florida - you can attend the 1st Annual Fan Conference and What A Fan Awards ceremony! We think it's awesome to see dedicated fans get a pat on the back! There have been many nominations already but if you know someone who deserves to be nominated - CONTACT WHAT A FAN!! Tell them you heard it from me and I said Howdy! I've been following them for quite some time. Y'all know I really enjoy people who share their passions with others and peeps that encourage that passion in others are super cool in my book, too!

Well, more to come on the upcoming season in a few weeks but for now, I'll end this with a big shout-out to our extended family of true to the silver & blue family - Cowboys Fans! And - A big shout-out to our PFUFA family! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone in Canton and in the coming months as we bring in the new season!

 I won't wait so long to blog again and I hope this finds you all well!
Until next time - COWBOYS, BABY!!

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