Monday, July 23, 2012

What is this Road Trip about, Shelby?

I have been asked this quite often lately. I'll try to explain it the best way I know how....

About a year ago, I was nominated for the PFUFA - the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association.

I immediately recognized it as a MAJOR honor to have been nominated as they are all about Sportsmanship, Fellowship among fans & supporting charitable activities. I follow a lot of the PFUFA Members and I see what they do every year. They really go above and beyond. Honestly, it never crossed my mind that I could be nominated. It didn't occur to me that anything I was doing because my heart guided me that way was anything near what these fans accomplish every year. They are truly amazing individuals!

The PFUFA is an elite group of fans who are, and rightfully so, very selective about who they nominate and who goes on from there to the next phases of potential induction. Honestly, I may not be drafted this year - I am currently eligable for draft over the next three years.

To me, it is such a privilege to be making this trip - to have the opportunity to take this road trip & meet fans on their own turf AND to spend time with these amazing fans from around the league while I'm in Canton! Well, I'm just very excited! Hopefully, I'll return home with knowledge and inspiration to be a better fan - for the team, for the fan-base, for the community.

No matter what happens while I'm in Canton, I will continue to do what I've always done... just hopefully MORE of it. It's just who I am. And, while many don't understand my appreciation for all fans - or how I can reach out & support all fan bases. *shrugs* It's okay... It may not be for you to understand. I am simply following what's in my heart... just doing what I feel is the right on any given day. Over the years, I would have missed out on meeting some really cool people if I judged them based on the logo on their shoulder

All I really know is - my fight isn't against a fan from another team. My fight is with my team for 3 hours on Sunday. That doesn't mean I should have a problem with the rival fan in the stands in front of me or behind me. In fact, I want to welcome him or her into my house because bottom-line:

I could choose to spend my time as a football fan in two ways:



I'm a lover - not a fighter!! lol! And I want to do everything I can to avoid seeing the 2nd photo.
In fact, I'm a big supporter of the 'Fans Against Violence" movement! You can learn more about that here:

BTW, This Bears fan is a good friend of mine - I've known him online for years & this was my 1st opportunity to meet him in person. The 2nd pic was because we thought it would be funny (and it still is today lol) Ya can't help but think very highly of him the moment you meet him!

I hope this explains what this trip is all about...
But some of you still have one more question...
Because I can't meet as many fans if I'm in the air! There are a lot of really cool fans I have known online for the longest time but I haven't met yet and - by golly - I'm gonna meet them soon!! :)

Looking for more information about this road trip, visit:
I'm hoping to meet as many fans along the way & I'm counting on locals to help find a meeting spot! In the way that I like to show you our city the way the locals see it - that's the way I prefer to see YOUR city!!

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