Monday, July 9, 2012

What I would say to "My Team" if I could...

What would you say to your team if you could talk to them?

I would say first:

Oh my word, I can't believe I get a chance to tell all of you what I've been thinking!!
(yes - I would be overly excited for that opportunity! Wouldn't you?)

So - here goes...
I know what you are thinking - you have no idea what it's like to be in our shoes...
And I'm going to say the same thing back to YOU!

We get to see and hear often about what all of you are doing every day. We know your schedule, we see how you spend your free time and we catch almost every interview. Yet, many of you think you have an idea of what being a fan is - and what we do. Truth is - You Don't Know! You can't clump all of us together because the fan-base is so big and so diverse. For instance: Not every fan wants your autograph to sell on eBay. Many are like me and put those in a safe place to share with kids or future grandkids. Like many fans, I firmly believe you need me most when you're down. I'm not going to kick my family or friends while they are down - why would I do that to you?

You take heat from fans and the media - we take heat from other fan-bases and fight back against the media! For you, this is a job - for fans, this is a way of life! We go on vacation to find ourselves talking football with other fans... This is just what we do! And more often than not, our vacations are reserved for a trip to Cowboys Stadium to watch you play...

 Something I say often is:
Players come and go but fans are forever.

Think about that for a minute....
Players come and go but fans are forever!

We were fans long before you came to this team and we will be fans long after you retire. We have been there through the best and worst of times. We aren't going anywhere! If, going into this upcoming season, I could ask you to do one thing it would be simply this:::

Harness the passion of the fans. Passion is power! Fight for the fans as much as we fight for you, those who came before you and those who will come long after you are gone. Support that fan energy and feed off of it. Encourage and embrace your fan base...

Know that many of us have been fans for 30 years or more - we raise our children and grandchildren to be fans. It's known as "raising your children right" so that's what we do.

The last time your fan base had a chance to enjoy a full season - many of you were still in High School or learning to drive a car.... some of you weren't even old enough to have a drivers permit yet! But there we were and here we are.... Think back to when you were 19-20, 16, and in some cases - 10 or 12 yrs old.

And how long ago that was.... yet the fans are still here!

Let's give them something to shout about... Let's give those fans what they deserve!
Let's give them something NEW in their trophy case - Let's give them a chance to grow!
Encourage them to get behind you at the right times:
Bring it loud for the D and down for the O!

Defense, don't just trot out to the field to your spot - RUN out there waving your hands!
Get the fans UP! Some of my favorite defensive & special teams players were those that came out using their hands to ask to fans to bring the noise!

Tweet - Facebook - Vlog about "Bring it Loud for the D and down for the O"
Y'all, I want to hear my QB calling cadence from the field.
I don't want to hear that "other team's" QB and I only want him on the field but for a hot minute!

Let's fight together! Let's Win together!! Let's CELEBRATE.... together!!


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