Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Today & WHATS COMIN' UP!!

Today, I lucked out... I just happened to check in online at just the right moment. There it was: Jason Witten signing today about 20 minutes from my house! And I have been sitting on this awesome football that required his siggy! (Yes - Required - It was manditory! - Photo below) So, I scrambled to get ready & get on the road...

I'm so glad I did! Here are a few pics, the rest can be found on my public Facebook page:

This football is a 1 of a kind. Its the prototype for what is to come!
Visit to see whats available now
and check out his Facebook or Twitter to see what he's working on!
AWESOME AWESOME Stuff - I need one of everything for my Fan-Cave!

Yep! Rowdy and a couple of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were there, too! Cool event at a place that smelled DELISH... a Dunkin' Donuts! I think I gained a few pounds just standing in line! HAHA!

Some things coming up that you will want to know about:  April 25th, the 2012 Draft Preview Party in Arlington, Tx!
Its a free event but donations to Gridiron Heroes is strongly suggested!
Currently more than 20 confirmed celebs, Sports Expo (so bring cash & your checkbook! There will be something at this event you won't be able to resisit!) Its also an event to help raise funds & awareness for 

The Spirit Star Hats will be there, too!! Its a great time to get one before the Draft Party the next night in Arlington!! Find out more about Spirit Star Hats at:

There are a TON of events going on around the city all weekend! Visit the EVENTS on my public Facebook page: to get the entire scoop or email us at:

Sponsorship Opportunities available!!! Email us if you are interested in that information, too!!

We'll see you next week!!

Ooh and one last thing: Joe King and the Diamond JK Band is playing this weekend in Fort Worth!
Visit them at: You will be able to find us there both nights!!

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